Chilled Chocolate Coffee Flip

The original version of my Chilled Chocolate Coffee Flip used Nespresso's Elvato blend.

“Can you make us a recipe for a chilled coffee drink, not too sweet, that shows off the texture of our Elvato blend,” asked the folks at the Nespresso counter adjacent my demo kitchen at Bloomingdale’s today. “Give me five minutes,” I replied, wiggling my nose Tabitha-style.

At first, I was going to go for something lightly creamy with a bitter cocoa powder kick. Then the Kitchen God whispered to me, “flip it.” As in the classic port, brandy, cream, egg, sugar cocktail popular at a time when raw eggs weren’t terrifying. I have better things to put in my mouth, and have thus never tried a flip, but the gustatory imagination assumes it’s not unlike fresh eggnog. And I like eggnog for the same reason you do: it sticks to the mouth in such a pleasant way because of the emulsifiers in the eggs.

It’s a science thing. Trust me on this. Emulsifiers make liquids delicious, and eggs are full of them. So is chocolate. (Thanks, lecithin.) Eureka! Chocolate chips make coffee flips!!! Note that your coffee needs to be hot for the chocolate’s emulsifying powers to act in this recipe.

Here in Los Angeles, everyone’s drinking almond milk. But please do try it at least once with half and half. I won’t tell the girls.

Chilled Chocolate Coffee Flip
8 oz. hot, freshly brewed coffee
2 tsp. packed brown sugar (reduce to 1 tsp. if using Frangelico)
1 tbsp. semi-sweet chocolate chips
1 tsp. cocoa powder
very heavy pinch of cinnamon
3 oz. cold dairy (or unsweetened non-dairy) of your choice
6 oz. ice
1 oz. Frangelico (optional)

Pour coffee, brown sugar, chocolate chips, cocoa powder, and cinnamon into the pitcher of your blender. Place the lid on the blender and remove the plastic plug in its center, placing a clean kitchen towel over the opening. The heat can pop the top when you start the blender and send all of that hot coffee onto your face if you leave the plug in. And no one wants that.

Blend the coffee for fifteen seconds or until the chocolate chips are completely dissolved.

Add the dairy, ice, and optional (as if!) Frangelico. Replace the lid, cover with the towel, and blend for another fifteen seconds on high or until completely smooth. Pour into chilled glasses and enjoy immediately.

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