Video: Pie Crust – Start to Finish

My passion for pie has overcome the discomfort of listening to my own voice and produced my second video blog! If there are far, far too many words in my All-Butter Pie Crust recipe for your liking, try watching it instead.

Video: Slice Veg So They Don’t Stick

I got my first question from a reader a couple of weeks ago.¬†Amy F. from Internetland asks: “How do you prevent things from sticking to the side of your chef’s knife when you’re doing prep? I think I understand how to use a knife properly, but when I’m cutting, say, cucumbers or zucchini or potatoes or apples, they stick to the side of the knife, which makes it impossible to keep a nice cutting rhythm going without chopping off pieces of the slices I’ve already cut or, for round things, stopping to deal with rollaway slices.”

Well, Amy, I have an answer for you, and it also happens to be my very first video blog. I’m sure you’re at least twice as excited as I!